Ganja-Gazakh Economic Region

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Wednesday 12, December 2012 by internationalgeographer

Ganja-Gazakh Economic Region is located at western part of Azerbaijan and covers Agstafa, Dashkesen, Gadabay, Goranboy, Khanlar, Gazakh, Samukh, Shamkir, Tovuz administrative regions, cities like Ganja and Naftalan. Economic Region has suitable economic-geographical location. Economic Regions covers the area of 12 500 km2 (the 14.4% of the territory of the Azerbaijan Republic). The territory of the economic region could be divided into 4 zones considering its landscape characteristics: sloping plains, foothill zone, middle uplands (1000-2000 m above the sea level) zone and alpine (more than 2000 m above the sea level) zone. The climate in the region is different in each zone.

The suitable climate and economic-geographical location of the region has a serious impact on distribution of population. The population is 1103 ths. people (13.6% of the country population Ganja-Gazakh Economic Region is one of the regions of Azerbaijan, that has large natural resources. Main natural resources are consentrated in the foothills. Primary resources of the Economic Region are petrol, natural gas, iron-ore, alunite, limestone, marble, gypsum, zeolite, bentonitic clay, cement raw material. Resources of iron-ore (in Dashkesen), Zailyk alunite and limestone (in Khoshbulag) have industrial importance. Portion of Kura River crossing the region has hydropower resources. Ganja-Gazakh Economic Region has natural recreation resources.

Ganja-Gazakh Economic Region is second economically important region of Azerbaijan. Being the second industrial region of Azerbaijan, it provides the 12-13% of the industrial production of the country. The industry of the region could be divided into two sectors: production and processing. There are enterprises in Ganja and Dashkesen that produce ferrous and non-ferrous metallurgy raw material and implement the initial processing. Heavy is also important for the economy of this region. Many enterprises are involved in fields of engineering industry like machinery, production of communication equipment, maintenance facilities for cars and agricultural machinery.

There are some enterprises involved in electroenergetics like Ganja heating and power station, Shemkir and Yenikand hydroelectric power stations. Plants that are operating in Ganja manufacture chemical industry products like sulphuric acid, potassium fertilizer. The light industry of the region primarily rely on processing of the local raw materials (Seedless Raw Cotton in Dalimammadly, cotton and wool clothes and also knitted fabric products in Ganja, carpet weaving enterprises in Ganja, Gazakh and Dashkasan). There is porcelain earthenware plate production in Ganja.

Farming Production

Farming Production

The food industry relies on processing of agricultural products – production of vine, cognac, meat-milk products, confectionery, canned products meet the local and regional demand. Main enterprises of construction industry are home construction center with huge panels, ferroconcrete, brick-ceramic and marble plants.
This region produces the 13-14% of Agricultural products, also 80-85% of potato, 28% of grapes, 15% of cattle breeding products of Azerbaijan Republic. Ganja-Gazakh economic region is mainly specialized in the following agricultural sectors: potato growing, wine-growing and grain-growing. Cotton is grown only on Goranboy. Gazakh and Agstafa, Shemkir and Samux regions are specialized in wine-growing and Gadabay, Shemkir and Tovuz regions are specialized in potato growing, and Goranboy is specialized in grain-growing. Water-melon, vegetable-growing, fruit-growing and cattle breeding are also developed in this region.
Jeyranchol is one of the key winter pastures of the republic.

Transportation system has an important role in the complex development of the Ganja-Gazakh economic region. This region is located on the railways and motorways connecting the Azerbaijan to Georgia and the coast of the Black Sea. Ganja, Gazakh and Agstafa are the main transportation junctions. There is an airport, which has national importance, in Ganja city. The pipeline constructed to export the oil and gas produced from Caspian Sea to the world market crosses the territory of this region. The region’s good natural conditions, pure climate, beautiful mountain-forest landscape, mineral therapeutic water resources enable the establishment of recreational-therapeutic areas. “Goy-Gol” and “Khajikand” recreational areas are located 1556 m above the sea level. Also Naftalan recreational-therapeutic zone has international importance.
Social infrastructure of the region has an important impact on socio-economic development of north-western part of Azerbaijan and on satisfaction of socio-cultural needs (health, scientific-cultural, education) of the population this region. Scientific Center of National Sciences Academy of Azerbaijan, and other scientific-research organizations operate in Ganja.
Ganja prepares (in Agricultural Academy, University of Technology, State University of Pedagogy) high qualified human resources for Azerbaijan. There are large libraries, museums, theatres and other socio-cultural facilities operating in the Region.


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